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What we do.

Graphic Design

Our team at ZELOcreative offer a wide spectrum of expert graphic design knowledge. Whatever your business or company, we have an answer for your design needs.

Domains, Hosting and Email

ZELOhosting provides simple, straightforward domain name registration, email and website hosting.

Industrial Design

We are able to provide you with the complete industrial design consultancy service to take your product successfully to market.

Website Design

We have an experienced team of web designers at the ready, capable of creating a website that meets your expectations as well as convincing your customers that your the business to go with.


Not only do we help create an image for your company, but we also offer a future through marketing.

Your Company

Once you have a logo, you now need a direction for your company and how you want to be perceived. Here at ZELOcreative we provide a helping hand and an answer.


We offer a range of printing options including business cards, stationary, flyers, brochures, posters and POS displays.


We identify the most important factors when branding your company and signpost a way forward that will help determine the right path for your business.

ZELOcreative is a multi-disciplinary product design consultancy with a background in developing successful innovative solutions across all sectors.

Some of our clients.

What we promise.

  • Quality service

    We strive to give you the service that you deserve

  • Innovating designs

    Making your company stand out from the rest

  • Extensive research

    Finding out exactly what your company is all about, allowing us to give you exactly what you need

Effective Online Presence

We can assist small businesses who often find it difficult to establish an effective presence on the internet.

One Solution

We are able to provide you with the complete design consultancy service to take your product successfully to market.

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